Sam Willis - Web and Digital Design in Nottingham and Derby

Hi there! My name is Sam Willis and I am a digital designer based in Nottingham and Derby. I create a variety of digital media, specialising in web design, although I also have experience with eMagazines, video editing, email marketing and advertising.

My knowledge of these different products allows me to see and appreciate how they all interact with one another, which helps me to create projects that span a number of different media whilst maintaining the same brand consistency.

Print and Graphic Design

I am also skilled in more traditional areas, able to provide printed materials such as restaurant menus, posters and loyalty cards alongside more graphical work such as logo design.

My mixed skillset means that I can provide a complete package of brand materials that span across a variety of traditional and new media, as well as giving me a solid understanding and appreciation of how all of these different areas come together to impact your business.